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We all need to decide where we stand with The Living God.
"The Time Is Now" aims to inform and help people come to the truth and to make decisions based on Truth.


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Once Saved, Always Saved?

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There Can Only Be ONE Truth. 

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Doom and gloom seems to be everywhere today, the strife and struggle so much worse and on top of the hard times, wars, famines, earthquakes, crime, destitution, unemployment, the list goes on and on.  So why? What’s it all about, why all the problems, why is there so much hardship today? We can blame the bankers for the financial problems, but are they the real cause and what about wars and natural disasters?  For me the answer began to emerge what I asked the question, why Jesus?  I also started to look at the whole picture and not just one part.  What I want to share with you now, very briefly, is a bit more of the picture.



In the beginning God created the earth, you may not believe that at the moment, but stay with me. He created man and women. Man and Woman were created in His image and He gave them freedom as well as  control of the Earth, He gave them dominion over the world. I guess it was all pretty perfect then.  What happened next is what is know as “The Fall.” Satan said to man (Adam), “you can be like God if you do what I tell you.”  The problem is that we are all free to choose, but once we have chosen we become a slave to what we choose. Man chose to do what Satan said, and therefore man chose to move away from God the creator and he came under the headship of Satan, a slave to Satan.  And Satan had lied, man did not become like God, in fact, he became less like God, but we try to be God.  Just look around you today, we are still trying to be god.



When you are a slave all that you have belongs to your master, you wife, your children. Dominion of the Earth had passed to Satan and he became the legitimate ruler of the world. God, however, is all powerful and He could easily take back control, but it would be by force and that would make him no better than Satan and would be against the promises made by God to man.  Man had lost dominion and, therefore, it had to be a man to get it back, but, of course, man is under Satan and everything man has or gets belongs to Satan. Man is not, therefore, is a position to take dominion back from Satan.



God had a plan, a very painful plan, but one He was prepared to put into action because of His love for man (men & women). Man had lost dominion over the world so it had to be a man to get it back, but a man who was not under the slavery of Satan, a man without sin, a man not born under sin. God put His plan into action, He sent His own Son to be born as a man, to live and suffer as a man.  He was born of an earthly mother, as you and I, but He was conceived by the Spirit of God, so that He would not be under an “earthly” father and the slavery of Satan, hence the importance of the virgin birth.



Make no mistake, Jesus Christ, the Son of God grew up and lived like any other man, suffered all the same hardships, the cruelty, all the temptations that we do and He had no more power to resist them than we do, but resist them He did, all the way to His crucifixion and death, and in doing so He defeated Satan fairly and squarely and won back dominion over the world for man. Jesus Christ, the Son of God was crucified and died, but he conquered death and rose from the dead, He is alive, He is alive today.



So OK, you say, if Satan was defeated , why all the problems?  Well, it has a lot to do with God’s promise of freedom.  Dominion of the world now truly belongs to Jesus and through Jesus to us.  But each one of us, individually, has to choose whether we stay as we are, under the control of the world as it is, or whether we choose freedom through Jesus.  It’s like being in prison and Jesus has broken the locks, but we have to push the door ajar and walk through to freedom.



I feel what saddens God the most of all is not so much the people who choose to stay as they are and where they are, but all the people who don’t know the door is unlocked, that the chains are broken.  It is like coming out of prison, finding freedom in Jesus, becoming spiritually alive that Christians call being “born again.”  We were all born into the world and all feel the physical pleasures and pains, but to know Jesus is to be spiritually born, as well, into an everlasting life.  The choice becomes to stay with Satan and end up in Hell or accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and spend eternity in Heaven.



So when you are “been again” all your troubles disappear?  Well, no, often they can get worse because Satan doesn’t want to let you go. But there is another major factor, Jesus has the victory and we are called to stand on His victory and claim it for ourselves, in our own lives.  We are given the power and the authority to overcome, and by overcoming “worldly ways” we become worthy to be joint heirs with Jesus, you and me.  He is calling everyone of us, individually to join Him.  There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that you could have done that will stop you from being forgiven and accepted by Jesus.  The Bible tells us that if you are accepted by Jesus, you are accepted by God the Father and that the Holy spirit of God, the Holy Spirit will fill you and enable you to overcome.



I am sure you have many.  This sounds too simple or perhaps too complicated.  Well, it’s so simple even a child can do it and know that it is ring, but it is also the most profound thing in the world and the most complicated.  But the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to know the truth.  Want to know more? Ask about a Bible believing church in your area, that accepts the Bible as the Word of God.  Simply go to a quiet place and ask Jesus to show you the way.  For more information email info@TheTimeIsNow.ws



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Roger & Margaret
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God Does Act

When Israel was attacked, I believe it was the Yom Kippur war, the PM of Israel at the time, Golda Meir, pleaded for help from the White House, but was refused by Kissinger who, in spite of being part Jewish, was quoted as saying “Let the Jews bleed a little.”  In desperation, after a cabinet meeting, Golda Meir made a call directly to President Nixon, although he had not been particularly supportive, and woke him in the middle of the night to plead for help. She said that unless Israel had help they would be destroyed and would no longer exist as a county or a people. When Richard Nixon heard her voice on the phone, he later said he heard his mother’s voice.  As a child, when he came home from school his mother would read the Bible to him before he could go out to play and it was one of these times that she suddenly said to him that one day he would be in a great position of power and that God would call on him to help a nation.

While on the phone that night listening to PM Golda Meir, he said, he knew immediately that this was the moment he was born for; this was what God wanted of him.  He also knew that to support Israel at that time would rally his enemies and bring impeachment closer.  President Nixon acted immediately, waking up the Pentagon and within hours Israel had what she need to survive.  This is a true event and is matter of public record in the USA.  RM 



There can be an infinite number of lies, but there can only be One Truth.







The distinction between fact and theory is being increasingly blurred; theories are being peddled as fact, largely by scientists.  A theory is NOT a fact, if and when it is proven, without doubt, to be a fact then, and only then, it is no longer a theory, but until that time it is just a theory and must be titled as such.


Scientists and the media increasing omit the word “Theory”, thus leaving us with the impression they are speaking of fact.  The BBC, sadly, has become increasingly guilty of dropping the word “theory”.

I want facts, not theories and I want to know whether I am being given a fact or a theory.


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Christians believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The God who sent His Only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. 
Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’
Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Who are we and where are we going?

We are all largely a sum of our own history and as a country, a nation, a culture; we are our history, without knowing our history we are flaying about with no roots or sense of destiny.  The fact that history is not taught in schools, or not very often, and the determination of governments to destroy the British culture, to make us multi-cultural, coupled with the large influx of a foreign culture, that will not change or adapt, is leading to a lost society, a lost culture. The Scots and the Welsh are holding on by their finger tips, but I feel it’s become too late for England.  Our only hope is in Jesus Christ and turning back to Almighty God.  We need to stand up and speak out; our Christian faith is not a private matter.  The quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer – ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

The British Empire, for all it’s faults was the greatest empire that has ever existed and it was built by Christians, men and women that took the gospel around the world. It was when Britain took her mandate to establish the Jewish state of Israel seriously and God blessed this country with an empire, with wealth, but when we turned against Israel and forsook our promise we turned against God and we lost the empire within three decades and Britain has been going down hill ever since.  This decline will continue unless we change direction, turn to God and stand with Israel.   There is, however, one blessing coming back from the Empire and from taking the Gospel into Africa and that is the Africans coming to the UK and bringing the Gospel back to us today, thank you, Lord.RM

Once Saved Always Saved?

There are two great Bible teachers, both of whom I respect, one says you can loose your salvation, the other says once you have accepted Jesus you cannot loose your salvation. But I like what evangelist friends in Mitchigan say, “believe it’s true but live like it’s not.” RM 



We all have a finite period of time to chose or not to chose Jesus, whether we like it or not, that time period ends when we die, we are then sealed in our fate.  Our physical body dies, but our spirit lives on and we will either be in Heaven or in Hell.  Once you are there, there is no changing your mind, your fate is sealed.  In such a major decision, people should not just say, I don’t believe in that or I believe something else without investigating the truth about Jesus. Not to openly investigate Christianity is far too greater gamble for anyone.   It does not matter what you have done in your life, however bad you may have been, Jesus has your forgiveness, he has paid the price of your sins, all you have to do is to acknowledge Jesus as the your Saviour and Lord and you are assured of a place in Heaven.  What if Christians are wrong, well you’ve not lost anything, but if they are right and you have not accepted Jesus, you will spend eternity in Hell, it is a real place. Want to gamble?  Check out the facts, the truth of Jesus Christ. RM



It is hard when we think about our children and grandchildren’s future in this world, but we can lift them in prayer and trust our Lord knowing that He cares very much for them.  Whatever happens God is in control.  Things may get worse, but we are being refined and we know that Jesus will return, we may not know the day or the hour, but He told us to watch for the season and be ready.  All the signs are coming into place for His return.  The biggest sign is the re-birth of Israel.  Other signs are the turmoil’s we see in the world today and the ones we all can see coming. I believe the return of Jesus is very close. All those who believe in the Lord will be equipped to withstand whatever comes against them and they will be saved. RM



PC (Political Correctness) is constantly used in different guises to attack Christian values. Christians, particularly the English invariably do not speak out, but often consider their faith a private matter. Jesus quite clearly says we must not hide our faith; we must not hide our light under a basket.  All Christians are called to share their faith in Jesus Christ and that, I am convinced, also means speaking out for Christian Values and standing up for those that are being persecuted because of their Christian faith.  Christians are being persecuted in England, they may not have the terrible physical persecution we see in other countries, but persecution has started here and we must all speak against it.  As Christians we must also speak out against anti-Semitism.